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Koshi No Iso Muroka Genshu Junmai Ginjo Sake

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Koshi No Iso Brewery was founded in 1909 along the ocean coast of Echizen in Fukui Prefecture. Post-War the brewery was relocated approximately 30km inland. Founded in an area bountiful with seafood from the Sea of Japan, much of Koshi No Iso’s style reflects the terroir of the coastal village. This tiny brewery is truly a family operation, which focuses on small batch production and only makes non-fortified pure rice sake. Muroka genshu is not charcoal filtered and has no water added before bottling. It is typically only available to brewery staff and is one of this exceptional brewery's most flavorful offerings. Koshi No Iso uses a crossbreed of Hyogo Kita Nishiki and Miyama Nishiki sake rice to create a rich full-bodied character. Because it's not filtered, expect a light natural amber hue. A fabulously high quality genshu that's got depth and texture but is clean enough to serve to even the most novice sake drinker.